We are the first directly owned Kids Castle store in United States. As a new public offering we are introducing the following initial franchise fees:

  • First three franchise store fees are each $20,000.

  • The fourth through the sixth franchise store fees are each $50,000.

  • The seventh through the tenth franchise store fees are each $100,000.

  • The eleventh and after franchise store fees are each $150,000.

A deposit of $10,000 is required for each store. The deposit will be return when the store open over 5 years.

Play equipment and store decorations costs are not included. We will provide playground design.

Ongoing franchise fees are fixed $6,000 per year.

  • Franchise store website maintenance.

  • Store layout and decoration design plan.

  • Party invitation card design.( electronic )

  • Party scene design. We provide 10 different themes, 5 for each theme.


  • Same owner open 2 stores within one year, second store franchise fees take 20% off.